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Welcome to Bebe Long Fun and Fine Art!
Bebe’s paintings are all about PASSION! They express the glorious spirit, beauty, and joy of life—and when appropriate, its humor. She is renowned among fine art collectors for her exuberant style, embodied by a freeform frolic of color and subject. Some of her personal favorites are beguiling women, bold florals, whimsical cats, and lush scenery.

Bebe has happily maintained a lifelong love affair with the paintbrush, and even conjures up vivid paintings in her dreams. She is a California native, regularly exhibiting at coastal California art festivals, but travels often to more exotic destinations for inspiration.
Bebe’s original paintings of strikingly recognizable style and gorgeous colors are primarily acrylic-on-canvas, stretched over stretcher bars. Because the sides are painted as well, framing is unnecessary unless desired. Occasionally, she creates unique acrylic-on-wood paintings with hand-painted frames, such as her unusual arched pieces.

Each original painting is a message from the heart, and worldwide collectors describe their collaboration with Bebe as a joyfully entertaining and rewarding highlight in their art buying quests. Many individuals own multiple pieces of her art. Newly created originals contain Bebe’s personal symbol of a flamingo (beginning in the summer of 1999)—sometimes blatantly obvious, sometimes hidden—but always there! (A very funny story—so sorry, too long to include here—precipitated her interest in painted flamingos.)

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Bebe feels strongly that if you love a piece of art, if it "speaks" to you, you will find a place for it in your home—it does NOT need to match your furniture!

Bebe's original paintings are also available on this site in matted and signed prints.

Look us over, let us know what you think, and come back often to see what’s new. We hope you will agree with Bebe that...
Bebe Long Fun & Fine Art
Phone and Fax (559) 226-4964

Copyright © 2000-2006, Bebe Long Fun & Fine Art, All Rights Reserved

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